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Tooth Extractions and Dental Surgery

Dr. Keadle discusses wisdom teeth extractions on The Wellness Hour

Dr. Keadle has decades of experience treating and removing wisdom teeth. As one of the few general dental practices offering IV sedation, we can offer a more comfortable patient experience.
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Tooth extractions and wisdom tooth removal

For patients experiencing advanced decay, gum disease, infection that won’t go away, impaction, traumatic injuries or other issues, a tooth extraction may be necessary.  With over 30 years of experience and having performed thousands of surgeries, Dr. Keadle will safely and gently extract your teeth or wisdom teeth with maximum patient comfort.

Wisdom teeth

Your third molars (more commonly known as wisdom teeth) are the last adult teeth to arrive in the mouth. More often than not, wisdom teeth lead to potentially serious problems, such as partial or full impaction (trapped within the jawbone) or harmful overcrowding.

Wisdom teeth do not always pose an issue for patients. However, in the event that a wisdom tooth causes pain, becomes impacted, or interferes with the alignment of your bite, an extraction may be needed. 

Sedation dentistry services available

We offer several options, including nitrous oxide, oral sedation, IV dental sedation, and sleep dentistry or general anesthesia, to ensure your procedure is completed in maximum comfort.